The popular Wych Barge in Vines Park is due to be removed following consistent, offensive graffiti and damage.

The structure, which was installed in 2011, has been left with holes after vandals reportedly kicked the wood panelling.

Wychavon District Council is asking residents to stay vigilant and to report any vandalism to the police at the time they see or hear anything happening.

The council says that often CCTV is thought to be the solution but they say this is not necessarily the case as wrong doers know how to hide their faces and so resist being identified.

Lynn Stevens, Senior Parks and Greenspace Officer at Wychavon District Council, said: “It is extremely disappointing to see our lovely town parks have been the target of such extensive and consistent vandalism. Every time this happens it costs the public money, which could be better spent on investing in the parks.

“We are so proud of our open spaces, parks and play areas and all we want is people to respect these public areas.”

Anyone with any information on the damage caused to the barge should call the police on 101