There is no doubt that Droitwich really is a great place to live!

We’re lucky enough to live in a community-spirited spa town, which is still close enough to some of the bigger towns and cities such as Worcester, Stratford and even Birmingham. It’s perfect for families and older people alike and that is no doubt why the property market remains buoyant.

According to latest research released from Nicol & Co estate agents, long term house price growth in the area has been strong, with the average annual rate of growth since 2000 sitting at 7.5 per cent. Nicol & Co report that this is expected this to continue in the medium and long term.

In Droitwich, the most common type of property is a 4+ bed house. In fact, 43.9 per cent of all families in the area live in such a home.  A lot of this kind of property come onto the market, but more compact homes are also in high demand, particularly in more central areas.