When it comes to soup we all have our favourite flavours – whether it’s a traditional tomato, a chicken broth or something a little more adventurous, we are definitely a nation of soup lovers.

Luckily for us Droitwich folk we have our very own soup maker right on our doorstep – Lucy Clive, who launched her homemade soup company in the town eight years ago. The business was inspired by her husband after he complained about the sandwiches on offer in his own workplace. It was then that she decided to set up Souper Foods.

Lucy, pictured on the right with her colleague also called Lucy, bought and converted a van and then the business launched. Two years ago, she opened her shop next to the Waitrose car park. She makes tasty, homemade soups, chilli, broths and chowders, which she sells from the shop and also delivers them to businesses across the local area. Some people buy the soups for lunch and others take them home for tea.

“I remember my first day running the soup van,” said Lucy. “I sold 10 pots that day and was over the moon. I sell a lot more than 10 pots a day now and I’ve got a bigger van but I’m proud to say that the customers who bought soup on my first day still buy them today.”

Lucy also supplies several coffee shops and caters for business lunches as well as evening events. Her proudest moment came when she was entered into the Local Producers Award 2017 through the Delicious magazine. She reached the final of the competition and was congratulated on her Worcestershire Asparagus Soup.

“My favourite thing about running my business are my ‘soup friends’, the customers; they make every day enjoyable,” continued Lucy. “I have a wonderfully loyal customer base who have helped me grow the business. They even come up with recipe ideas. I can accommodate dietary requirements and tailor the menu to my customers’ likes. I even take requests!”

Lucy’s most popular soup is her jacket potato soup with parmesan and chives, which knocked her ever popular Thai chicken soup off the top spot last year. Her own personal favourite is her chicken broth, made just how her own mother used to make.

“The chicken broth always reminds me of my mother and the wonderful smell alone can take me back 30 years. I also love making roasted red pepper, tomato and rocket soup, mostly because I love eating that too!”

For those warmer summer days Lucy also provides a wider range of menu options such as cucumber and mint soup, salads, wraps and pies. What’s not to love?

To find out more about Souper Foods and Lucy’s array of offerings visit her Facebook page.


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