We’ve heard some big announcements in Droitwich recently with plans for the brine baths and a new supermarket being approved.

This website was created to share local news and to champion the many local businesses, clubs and societies that make our town what it is.

As our community continues to grow, with many new homes being built in the town and a buoyant housing market, we also need to make sure we have the infrastructure in place to support the growth and development.

Droitwich High StreetAround 18 months ago Droitwich Town Council took the decision to create a ‘neighbourhood plan’ which gives the local community a real chance to influence the future of the town. The proposal to create the plan was supported by the district council.

The plan looks at land use, both for new homes and in terms of roads, as well as infrastructure and commercial development. All of this needs to be looked at if the local economy is to continue to grow. Creating a local neighbourhood plan becomes more effective when the needs of local businesses and residents are heard loudly and clearly. It effectively hands more control to those living in the area, as areas of land suitable for development are identified, as well as what infrastructure improvements are needed. It also acts as a vision of the area’s future.

A number of working groups have been set up to look at areas such as heritage and culture, sport and leisure, business and health, social care and education.

Meetings are held every month in Droitwich to discuss the plan and local residents and business are encouraged to attend so that their views are heard.

The next meeting is planned for Thursday, June 28 and full details will be posted to the Droitwich Spa Neighbourhood Plan Group’s Facebook page