Droitwich Spa is steeped in history but how much do we really know about our town?

We thought we’d share 10 interesting facts:

  1. The spa town has been the site of a settled community for over 2000 years. It owes its existence to the natural brine springs which emanate from beds of pure rock salt 200ft below the ground
  2. The Borough of Droitwich was England’s major salt producing centre. It was named 12 times in the Domesday Book, making it the most frequently mentioned town.
  3. Vines Park takes its name from the fact it was a vineyard in Roman times!
  4. The Droitwich radio masts were crucial in World War 2 for enabling messages to be sent
  5. The Sacred Heart Church in the town is entirely covered in mosaics of multi-coloured Venetian glass depicting his life and are reputed to be the most outstanding mosaics in England other than those to be found in Westminster Cathedral
  6. John Corbett was a leading personality in the history of Droitwich in the 19th and just into the 20th century. He was born in 1817 the son of a Black Country barge owner. He entered into his father’s business and when it was sold invested in the salt industry and in later years became known as the ‘Salt King’
  7. The brine baths became famous for treating rheumatic and arthritic problems and were not just open to hospital patients but athletes, footballers, the rich and famous and holidaymakers. This made Droitwich Spa a famous Spa town throughout the major part of the 20th century
  8. Droitwich Spa is twinned with Bad Ems a Spa town in Germany as well as Voiron in France
  9. In the period up to the 19th century there have been a number of famous people connected with Droitwich such as Richard de Wyche born around 1197. He was the Bishop of Chichester Cathedral from 1247 until his death on 3rd April 1253. He was made a Saint in 1262
  10. Salt production in Droitwich ceased in 1922 – or did it?